Pay for the Furniture and not the store

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Here's our recipe for furniture buying fun. Take the best furniture values available, stir that with friendly service and almost zero overhead, and you've got furniture buying fun!


When you visit, dress according to the weather. The barn is not heated nor air conditioned, you won't find fancy wall paper on the walls, carpet on the floor; but then, you can't take that stuff home anyhow, can you? What you will take home is more of your hard earned money because you don't have to help us pay for the store!


Folks have been saving money here at Jay's since 1986, so come join the fun!"


Buy top brands for less

Get high value at low cost

We work hard at being a different kind of furniture store than maybe you're use to. Jay's carries lots of name brands with great factory warranties, but we really aren't concerned about that. After all, you are belly to belly with us, not the manufacturer. Our goal is to impress you so much that you don't even think of going somewhere else, and bring your friends and family back with you!

Pay for the furniture

and not the store!